Plastic Compounds & Masterbatches

The Art of Mixing
A polymer masterbatch usually incorporates a high loading of up to 60% by weight of one or more additives like antioxidants, light stabilizers, UV absorbers, antistatic agents, flame retardants, antiblock and processing aid and etc., dispersed in a carrier polymer. The use of masterbatch features widely is taken into consideration in compounding and with different polymer materials. Polymer melt compounding requires knowledge of the capabilities and weaknesses of individual polymers in order to improve the properties that will be required of them during their use.
It acts to enhance the performance of a polymer in the application for which it is to be used. In polymer compounding and masterbatch production it is essential to know about ingredients, formulations, blend morphology, polymer melt rheology, and processing requirements.


Color Masterbatchescolor masterbatch
Additive Masterbatchesadditive masterbatch
Plastic Compoundsplastic compound