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Paints & Coatings

Polymer paints and coatings of all types are extensively used to provide color and satisfying aesthetics, and also to prevent deterioration of the underlying substrate when exposed to various environments. Based on theoretical studies, the detrimental effects of UV radiation to paints and coatings commence at 295 nm and extend to approximately 400 nm. Thus, to extend service life of polymer coatings and improve the heat and light resistance, they require special additives to acquire stabilization.
Our team in MANACO provides and supplies a broad range of high performance polymer stabilizers such as SONGSORB® CS 1130SONGSORB® CS 292 and SONGSORB® CS 400 which are suitable for solvent-borne and powder coatings systems and use in coating formulations for various underlying substrate, including steel, wood and plastics in the industrial, automotive and decorative applications. 


Automotive Paintspaint - 2
Traffic Paintspaint - 1
Industrial & Protective Coatingspaint - 3