1. Product Description:

Industrial fiber for outdoor applications like artificial grass have to be significantly resistant against external influences like light, heat, and other environmental forces. MANASTAB®  1932 is a high performance UV masterbatch manufactured with PE (Polyethylene), especially developed to use in artificial grass and polyolefin fibers. It protects artificial grass fibers from UV radiation and keep the physical features, appearance and mechanical properties during product service time.

2. Features:
¤ High and long-term UV stability during weathering
¤ Excellent compatibility with polyolefins 
¤ Low water carry over during the production of fibers
¤ Well balanced features including light and thermal stability with improved processing properties

3. Applications:
MANASTAB® 1932 is a highly effective UV masterbatch for polyolefin fibers like artificial grass and other polymers. The product provide long-term thermal stabilization and excellent compatibility with polyolefins and low water carry over in production of polyolefin fibers and tapes.