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UV Absorbers

UV absorbers prevent the degradation of coating systems by converting the absorbed light into heat. There are several commercial classes of UVAs widely used in coating, adhesives and sealants formulations including Benzophenone (for example UV- 81), Benzotriazole (for example UV- 1130), Thiazine (for example UV- 400) and Oxanilide (UV- 312) types which are suitable for solvent-borne and powder coatings systems. For all types of UV absorbers, the synergistic effect with  HALSs or  AOs is particularly beneficial for outdoor conditions. Chemical classes, molecular weight and extinction coefficient are the main parameters that directly effect on filter efficiency of UV absorbers.
We offer UV absorbers that can help to minimize yellowing and reduce discoloration caused by UV light in protective coatings and industrial adhesives systems.