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PET Resins

PET (also abbreviated PETE) is short for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester. PET is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging foods and beverages, especially convenience-sized soft drinks, juices and water. Currently, we have three different types of PET resins in Iran, especially designed for various industries including fibers, film and packaging and also bottle applications.


No.   Grade Producer  Applications   More Details
 1 Pars PET TG-640 Tondgooyan Petrochemical Fibers , Yarn , Staple Fibers TDS
 2 PARS PET TG-640 (MOD-SD) Tondgooyan Petrochemical High Speed Melt Spinning , Fibers , Yarn TDS
3 PET BG-821 Tondgooyan Petrocheemical CSD , Carbinated Water , Pharmaceutical , APET Sheets , Strapping TDS
 4 PET BG-800 Tondgooyan Petrochemical CSD , Carbonated Water , Pharmaceutical , APET Sheets , Strapping TDS